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Just finished filing my taxes with TurboTax, it worked awesomely well and way more convenient than going to Jackson Hewitt. My return sure put a smile on my face. If things go as they are projected I should get the money in the bank by Feb 8th, which would give me enough time to buy babe what I really want to get her for Valentines day.Have to make sure not to blow this cash though. God knows I need it, he sure knows how to give a helping hand when in time of need. Thank you. Hope everybody else’s tax returns go well this year. Don’t let them be a nightmare. :)

UPDATE: Never mind, it wont be February 8th, it’ll be the 1st. Just got an email from them (not even 20 minutes later) saying the IRS has accepted my return. That’s way (way way way) faster than the projected date given to me. Damn TurboTax has me won.

Jan 24, 2012
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